NAODA: Participation-driven Gamefi Platform

NAODA Whitepaper v1.0.3, last updated 9/26/2023

NAODA is a participation-driven GameFi platform, focused on user entertainment and participation. Through the combination of high-quality games, POPs (soulbound tokens), and collaborations, NAODA empowers gamers with an unmatched and unique experience.

Explore NAODA, Achieve Missions, Earn POPs.


With the advent of Play-to-Earn (P2E) games on blockchain ecosystems, the gaming industry has embraced blockchain as a powerful solution to transfer true in-game asset ownership to the users. Despite the growing demographics of Web 3.0 gaming industry, only a small fraction of global gamers have experienced Web 3.0 games. This observation has motivated NAODA to host the Play-And-Earn (P&E) games that are high quality and just as entertaining as Web 2.0 games.

Proof-of-Participation (POP) Protocol is a unique feature that NAODA has implemented to appropriately recognize and reward the users that participate and contribute to NAODA ecosystem. Through participation, users are provided with SBTs that we call POPs. POPs will be displayed as achievement badges on NAODA platform to showcase users' achievements. Along with POPs come community rewards tokens. More details can be found in POPs Page.


NAODA values the joy that comes with games. For any player stepping into NAODA, we host high-quality games that cater to a variety of gamer interests.

NAODA also values a strong, engaged community. NAODAโ€™s proof of participation (POP) protocol allows for explicit and true recognition of our community members as they contribute to nurturing our community. Also, NAODA users can craft their legacy โ€“ contributions being remembered through soulbound tokens (SBT), and owning a part of NAODAโ€™s story and universe.

Key features:

Below is the list of key features that NAODA aims to deliver in the blockchain ecosystem.

  1. High quality games

    • Consistent release of high quality games (enabled by NAODA's two in-house game studios and ongoing partnerships with game studios) satisfies the needs of various types of dedicated gamers

  2. POPs (Proof-of-Participation)

    • Non-transferable POPs recognize and permanently record usersโ€™ participation in NAODA Ecosystem

    • User activities are incentivized by POPs, which are rewarded with community reward tokens

  3. POP Collaboration

    • POP collaboration services to Web2 and Web3 products/companies

    • NAODA mints and displays POPs that prove user activities in Web2 and Web3 partnersโ€™ entertainment-related services

Details of each key feature can be found in "NAODA Platform Features" section of this whitepaper.

NAODA Platform Ecosystem:

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