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In Games feature, users can find information about the high quality games that are available to play.
To ensure a user-friendly experience, our platform allows easy access to our games without requiring a wallet connection that may serve as a barrier to entry. Wallet connection is only necessary for claiming tokens/NFTs/POPs earned through gameplay.

Current NAODA Games Portfolio

At NAODA, the gameplay and user enjoyment through high-quality games come first. Currently, NAODA has two in-house studios and is in partnership with a gaming studio. NAODA's aim is to consistently release games that meet the needs of diverse types of gamers.
  1. 1.
    RedPill Studio - The Alien
In a bold effort to solve Earth’s overpopulation crisis, humanity embarks on an ambitious mission to terraform Mars. However, an unexpected alien attack prompts an elite search team from SAR, an alliance of 5 Earth corporations, to unravel this mystery. Get ready for 'The Alien', an epic Multiplayer TPS game.
RedPill Studio is a professional team with more than 15 years of experience, led by Se Joon Park, who served as the Producer at NeoWiz and Kakao Games.
2. MetaEdition Studio - "Project Alike"
A tale of Lucid and Nightmare, endlessly attempting to escape from Somnis: a space where dream worlds are gathered. Collect your cards, build your team, and face off in a multiplayer RTS game, “Project Alike”
MetaEdition Studio is a company consisting of experts with more than 15 years of experience, led by CEO Hee Nam Noh, who served as the Development Director at EA, Neowiz, and Thinkfun.
3. Project X - Title TBD
Project X (Mobile Game) Coming Soon
Further details about the games will be provided as they become ready, and its release roadmap can be available in the Roadmap page.
NAODA’s portfolio is not limited to these projects, and will keep expanding with the quality games that meet our standards.
Note: As the features are in development phase, details are subject to change. Please refer to the latest Roadmap and check back for updates.